Doctor Strange


Seems there are some pretty credible rumors that Benedict Cumberbatch is in final talks with Marvel to play Dr. Strange.  What do you think about the choice?  Good casting?  Or is there someone you see as a better choice?  Let us know.  🙂



5 images from the “Avengers: Age of Ultron” trailer that raise some major questions


If you have been on the internet lately you’ve probably seen loads of posts, articles, ect. about the “Avengers: Age of Ultron” teaser trailer. To sum it up it’s basically 2 minutes and 17 seconds of pain and future tears. 😥 For something so short there is plenty to talk about… So let’s break it down shall we?


‘Hulk Buster’ Iron Man

It’s at the 1:23 spot in the trailer that we are given a glance at the ‘Hulk Buster’ Iron Man suit. This image brings several questions to my mind, such as… Who is controlling the suit? Is it Ultron taking control of the suit to eliminate The Hulk? Or, is it The Avengers own Tony Stark? If it is the latter then there’s still the question of why. Tony couldn’t possibly go after his fellow Science Bro without a reason right? Perhaps Hulk is being influenced by the Scarlet Witch or Ultron. Whatever the case may be, it can’t be good…


Cap’s broken shield

At 1:53 my little Cap loving heart broke right along with his trusty Vibranium shield. What force could be strong enough to break Cap’s shield? Judging by the state of the shield one can only imagine what has happened to Steve. Is Ultron strong enough to break the shield? If not him, who else? One things for certain, they’d have to be pretty powerful to break Cap’s shield.


Thor choking Iron Man?

It’s at 1:39 that we witness Thor grabbing Tony Stark by the throat. Is this a hint at things to come in “Captain America 3” (said to focus on the “Civil War” storyline). Has Tony merely made a snarky comment at an inappropriate time, causing the God of Thunder to lose his temper? Or is there a more serious reason behind Thor’s anger?


Bruce Banner

What the heck is wrong with Bruce Banner?! 30 seconds in we see Bruce huddled under a blanket looking…frightened? What could the man who can turn into The Hulk be so afraid of? And is it just me or is there something more than fear on his face? He appears gaunt bordering on unhealthy. So in summery… What. Happened. To. Bruce. Banner.


Ultron himself, voiced by James Spader.

Last but not least…could James Spader be anymore perfect for this part? Finally, a question I have the answer to! The answer being…no. After hearing Spader’s rich, rolling voice paired with Ultron’s sinister yet captivating way of speaking there was no doubt in my mind that he was perfect for the role.

And thus concludes my list of 5 Images from the “Avengers:Age of Ultron” that raise some serious questions. Comments are appreciated, thanks for reading.


Random thoughts……


Hey everybody!  Happy Wednesday!  I’m afraid we’ve been woefully absent from our blog in recent days…..illness has descended upon our humble abode and we’ve had a bit of a rough time escaping it’s grasping claws.  😉  We’re on the mend now though and thinking again about Halloween…..a VERY popular holiday here.  So….I have a question for all of you.  Will you be dressing up this Halloween?  Making your own costume?  Buying it?  We are big fans of dressing up…..from the youngest of our clan to the oldest and everyone in-between.  So far this year we will have fem Castiel (Supernatural), fem Dean (Supernatural) and Starlord.  Cas and Dean are costumes we put together ourselves and in the next couple of days we’ll be posting pictures to show you how we did it.  So let us know what you’ll be up to this Halloween.  We’d love to hear from you.  🙂



ARROW: First Look at ‘Captain Boomerang’


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Digger Harkness (aka Captain Boomerang) played by Nick Tarabay, will make his debut on the seventh episode of CW’s Arrow.

Digger Harkness is described as being a “former A.R.G.U.S. operative, highly skilled in martial arts and espionage, with a deadly thirst for vengeance against his former employers.”

If you are familiar with Captain Boomerang, he  is primarily a villain of The Flash’s, but he will also appear in the following episode which is the crossover episode with The Flash.

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Looking for something to read……….


As an avid reader…..everyone in our family is…….finding a good book and becoming totally engrossed means that when you’re done… HAVE to share it.  I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on their next greatest read.  😉  So… that vein……here goes.  I just finished reading Field of Prey by John Sandford… is the 24th in his Lucas Davenport series.  I’ve read everything John Sandford has written over the last 20 or so years and my family….upon my recommendation….is also hooked.  I often wonder… can an author write so many books featuring one main character, for so many years and keep it fresh, engaging and the writing so tight.  I may never know the answer….but one thing I can tell you is that John Sandford does just that.  After reading the last Prey novel I thought he had reached his pinnacle of greatness.  I was wrong.  Field of Prey tops everything else…..just as the previous Prey novel topped everything before it.  This is an author, a series of books, that should not be passed up.  If you enjoy strong character driven novels, crime novels,  out of this world story-telling , and the experience of becoming lost in a character and their world then this …is the book for you.  Check it out…..and I promise…..the next thing you know you’ll be reading everything this fine author has to offer.